Quantum Energy Bio Imprinter

What is the Quantum NRG?
The Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter can be described as a receiver/transmitter of frequencies. The Quantum NRG is able to imprint Personal Energy Cards that emit homeopathic energetic frequencies to the person who is carrying it.

The aerial system of the Quantum NRG will pick up frequencies emitted by the SCIO energy plate, making it the perfect complement to your session. Should you wish to enhance the session once you leave our studio, you can take one of the Personal Energy Cards loaded with the homeopathic energy or energies of your choosing. As you carry this card with you throughout the day, you will benefit from these energies long after the session you had in our studio. Isn’t that wonderful?

What are Personal Energy Cards?
The Personal Energy Cards emit a strong frequency of a radius of 1.5 meters. They have been tested up to 30 meters though most people will not need this distance. The cards are usually carried by a person but can be used for many other applications such as energizing water, energizing plants, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh etc or can even be kept under the bed or pillow for a better sleep, or to maintain the healing stimulus while asleep. As the uses are many, you just need to use your imagination on how they can be applied.

People who are unwell are looking for the return of good health. The excellent results and ease of use obtained by people using the cards ensures that they come back. The idea of the card was to try to maintain the transfer of healing energy to the person all the time. Imprinting the cards takes only seconds; they can be reprinted, changed, wiped and recharged. And of course you can have your whole therapy session imprinted onto the card.

Technical Overview:

The Quantum NRG Bio-imprinter is an electronic amplification device. It outputs a complex wave signature which has a base characteristic frequency of approximately 4 Hz. This is used to heterodyne multiple signature frequencies (more than 10) as a single complex wave shape. Other external frequencies inputted from audio, substance or broadcast effect are multiplexed through the internal circuitry and then included within the original wave output. The internal circuitry has an amplification of over 10,000. The output is very small (less than 200 nano amps/cm of electrode) which has been shown to provide the best cellular stimulant.

Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter Testimonials

Quote from the Director of Education for The Quantum Center of Excellence –
Nirvana Zarabi-Smith:

“I’ve even placed one (Personal Energy Card) in my children’s desks at school to help them throughout the day with their learning, memory, comprehension and not to mention their attention span! And what about JET LAG! Wouldn’t it be great to make one to take on the plane with you and land perfectly refreshed? Sounds great, doesn’t it? And let’s not forget pain therapy, or sports enhancement! You can choose and imprint from thousands of frequencies directly from the EPFX or any external means such as a homeopathic bottle, vitamins or even crystals. The possibilities are truly endless! Since our bodies are electric, our body will draw from the Personal Energy Cards only as it needs to, so you never have to worry about overdoing it on your system. It auto focuses on exactly what and how much your body needs and it works for you all day long! And then, once you’re ready to replenish your card with the new frequencies, you just place your card on the receiver plate and it can be reused and re-programmed with a new set of frequencies. It is so simple, and yet so effective! And what a fun way to incorporate added energy into your daily routine – highly recommended.”

Quote from Senior Instructor & Quantum Master – Gage Tarrant:
“I used the Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter to help my ailing cat (I had to leave him with a sitter for several weeks while I traveled abroad for trainings) by making an “energy card” with the Quantum NRG device imprinted with supportive energy for liver, adrenal, hepatitis, radiation, emotional flower essence support, thyroid, Hololinguistic and nutrient signatures, and then clipped off a “cat sized” piece of the card and hung it on his collar, where it remains today. These frequencies were therefore “broadcast” to him 24/7, and I believe they helped a great deal.”