Proellixe Vibration™: for golfers who want to play at their best, have a correct athletic preparation, take care of their health and avoid troubles.

• Proellixe Vibration™ provokes very quick contraction and relaxation of the muscles, even though the muscule fibres involved by its action are more than the fibres stimulated by traditional training. Training with traditional methods, only stimulate a maximum of 40% of the muscular fibres of every single muscle. Vibrations are able to activate 95% of the muscular fibres. This means that even core muscles (such as spinal and pelvic muscles), which may be difficult to stimulate with traditional training, are stimulated.

• Proellixe Vibration™ against muscle pains
Muscle pains may occur soon or even later after the effort.
Pain gradually increases till a peak is reached usually two days after the effort and is followed by joint rigidity, intense pain and increased sensitivity to pressure.
Since lactic acid levels (as a consequence to the intense effort) get back to normal only after several hours, pain may persist for many days, impeding to resume athletic activities or even to continue the performance. This ache is due to structural lesions of the deep muscle, at myofibril level.
These lesions provoke an inflammatory process, while trying to eliminate muscle cells fragments; this inflammation, and the following edema, causes tensions in the connective tissue which wraps the muscle, giving rise to the well known post performance pain or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
Treating this symptomatology is difficult since the muscle, aching when activated and contracted, gets out of practice and loses readiness; moreover every type of manual massage is very painful.
VibroRollage™ is an excellent and simple technique for the treatment of the athlete’s aching muscles: it is a methodology based on complex mechanical “physiological reactions”.
It is all about “involuntary muscular contractions”, caused by the oscillating vibrational platform Proellixe Vibration™, which spreads a flow of waving vibrations, with variable frequencies (03-30 Hz), throughout the entire body uniformly and proportionally.
This apparatus is able to alternate, simultaneously through the whole body, a sudden G+/- acceleration, from the skin to the tissues below (muscles and bones included).
From a mechanical/physical point of view, low frequency vibrations induce a drainage effect against lactic acid accumulation, and give rise to a feeling of relaxation, due to the massage of the spine and of the entire body great muscle masses. High frequencies make the muscle works involuntarily, enhancing tone and muscle flexibility.
VibroRollage™ is a simple technique for the aching muscles treatment, and is also very effective for edemas drainage and the quick recovery of flexibility and stability (compared to the pain condition).

In order to protect muscles and the cardiovascular system and to “fight” ageing, it is necessary to follow a correct life style and enhance its quality.
Consequently regular training should be a natural decision to optimize muscle functionalities (cardiac functionality included), respecting joints and all the tissular structures involved.
People are used to train in the gym, using many equipments and spending a lot of time; now Proellixe Vibration™ gives another chance: toning up the muscles, keeping in the shape without any loss of time,enhancing the spine health at the same time.
Specifically planned to stimulate simultaneously more than 80 muscles and muscle groups, Proellixe Vibration™ can be simply used in an erect static position (basic position) or performing simple exercises (involving isometric contractions) whose level of difficulty may change according to the frequency and the amplitude chosen.
The first result observed is the constant improvement of muscle response and tone – in erect or seated position.
The waves, provoked by the platform movement, spread from the bottom to the top, stimulating plantar nerve endings and boosting spinal deep muscles and the muscular groups of legs and abdomen.
More evident results may be observed in the immediate enhancement of the user’s general posture, of the resistance and of the muscular explosiveness: so the force produced in deep muscle, spreads in the superior levels.
Parameters such as speed and amplitude of the platform oscillations, the exercise length or the number of sessions and repetitions are variable.
Working on spine and joints Proellixe vibrations provide at once wellness, relaxation and elasticity to the muscles, indispensable conditions to reach the body general harmony.
Even though sport consists in ability, speed, balance and resistance, today muscle explosivity (with the muscles perfectly coordinated between them) together with the mobility of the joints which surround a stable and flexible spinal axis all kept under control by a well-trained brain, are getting more and more important.
Strength, skills, reactions speed and preciseness are, without any doubt, all qualities which can be improved only with spine perfect conditions and with all muscle chains surrounding a centre of gravity.
Coordination is another crucial element to reach the optimum performance in a high level athletic activity.
The ideal training for a successful performance has to consider the body organization in such a way let the athlete obtain the maximum result with his “movement” with a measured and safe effort.
Right for all the athletes and suitable for every discipline, Proellixe Vibration™ provides a brand new way of training, considering carefully the physiological impacts of each athletic effort.
Proellixe Vibration™ oscillations stimulate all the muscle chains simultaneously, enhancing balance, elasticity and explosivity.
The operator can set the equipment and the most congenial training system according to the athlete skills, resistance and muscle reaction.

That’s why Proellixe Vibration™ is the ideal ally for the preparation of every type of golfer and can optimize the athletic motion known as “swing”.
• Golf and backache
A non-perfectly-trained spine may cause continuous micro-injuries to the athlete, compromising performance and constancy of results.
One of the most common problems that may occur is backache: it affects the old golfer playing 9 holes on Sunday, as well as the younger golfer with a low handicap or the professional player and golf teachers; so it’s not related to age, game level or swing type.
Muscles react to solicitation in different ways, according to their physiological function; muscles in charge of keeping the erect position tend to shorten because of the gravity force.
It is possible to observe this shortening in specific muscle groups and in normal subjects who do not practice sport.
Golf stimulates prevalently muscles which compose the “posterior muscular chain”: neck-back-loins, thighs and calves; so, without a proper “corrective” athletic preparation, often brings a “shortening” and a lack in flexibility, which may provoke muscle strains.
Considering that the number of non-professional players is constantly rising, and that only professional golfers follow specific trainings, it is important to pay attention on the “swing”, since the complexity of this athletic action may be potentially injurious for subjects who don’t practice proper training.
This is the reason that sometimes brings serious modifications to the posture, which are the causes of the 'golfer’s backache'.
Neck ahead and sunken in the shoulders, back curved at the lumbar region, bottom up, soldier’s breast, slight “belly paunch”: this is the ' lumbagic golfer ' .
We should think about posterior muscles (back and legs) as elastic linked between them in order to create a unique long band, the posterior muscular chain. By stretching only one elastic, as it often happens during a golfer’s training, only one specific muscle will be stretched, provoking troubles to another muscle of the same chain.
Most common mistakes are: lengthening of the spinal muscles, with consequent shortening of thighs and calves muscles, and vice versa; lengthening of the neck muscles enhancing the lumbar curve (lordosis); back flattening and cervical curve accentuation, as consequences to lordosis correction.
With Proellixe Vibration™ toning up abdominals and making the muscles involved in the “swing” movement (all at the same time) more elastic, is simple, safe and useful for preventing injuries or rehabilitating muscles.
The entire “chain” has to be lengthened, from the neck to the calves muscles. When muscles are “cold”at first, then after performing when muscles are “warm”.

Dr. Francesco SPEZIALE (Sports Medicine)