The world’s first whole body LED light spa creates a new category of holistic body treatments and improves results for traditional spa treatments.

Light energy is the most natural and non-invasive therapy. The different light wavelengths are integrated into the Alpha™ LED Light-Spa™ and blended to achieve different effects.

The LED-LIMs make it possible to create new spa treatments or compliment existing treatments.

The Alpha™ LED Light-Spa™ is the world’s first
whole body LED light system.

It has pre-set programs to perform an exciting range of body treatments and physical stimulation therapy treatments. The LED light modules (LIMs) produce light in four (4) colors of the visible spectrum (R/G/Y/B).

Inside the chamber, 5 alternative healing therapies are combined:

  • Light Therapy by an array of LED-LIMs
  • Thermal Dry Heat Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Colour Therapy

The system provides a wide range of treatment options:

Light Spa Opened

  • Energy — Deep Red
  • Meditation — Silver Turquoise
  • Pain Relief — Deep Orange
  • Weight Loss — Ultra Red
  • Skin — White Deep Blue
  • Sun Shine — Full Spectrum White
  • Immune Boost — Spring Green
  • Skin Care — Lavender Lilac
  • Skin Cleansing — Super Pure Green
  • Detox/Cellulite — Super Orange
  • Sleep/ Insomnia — Blue Dream
  • Body Wrap — Purple Rose
  • Relaxation / Stress Reduction — Purple Rain

Oxygen Therapy

Light Spa Closed

Oxygen makes up 21% of the air we breathe. Pure oxygen has proven abilities for anti-aging, skin reproduction and regeneration, and other benefits for our health.

The Alpha™ LED Oxy-Light Spa™ is equipped with a powerful medical grade oxygen generator system to circulate oxygen into the whole body chamber for oxygenated body treatments.

It is capable of circulating oxygen to the face area or it can be set so you can inhale oxygen during your treatment.